Mark Laukkanen



Hi there! I’m Mark, a media composer & designer based in Finland.


At the root of both music and design for me is the desire to bring a bit of magic into the world. When it comes to music, I think Dumbledore said it best describing music as “a magic beyond all we do here!”. Hogwarts ain't got nothin’ on these jams!

In design the magic lies in making technology disappear. When things just work and the design is in tune with user goals, it’s as if the technology isn’t there to begin with. It disguises itself within the process of reaching the user’s goals. Couple that with a bit of tasteful visual flair and we’re onto something.

Beyond slamming my MIDI-keyboard and sketching out user flows, I enjoy running and pepperoni pizza (there’s a balance to all of this). When shopping, I like to buy multiple pieces of the same article of clothing and pretend I’m Mark Zuckerberg, although the other Mark tends to opt for slightly pricier options

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I’m not entirely sure which step I’m currently on, but I’m well on my way. Where to, you might ask? To the intersection of music, design and technology, where the ultimate sorcery happens.